Are You Ready for Some PowerPoint?

Last week, I was excited to announce the launch of the Office Depot CSO for ordering customizable business cards, letterheads, and envelopes. In previous weeks, I’ve shared jpegs of the College’s wordmark and a Microsoft Word template of the letterhead.

But this week may hold the most thrilling development of them all. I’m talking PowerPoint templates. The templates are available in three different designs, featuring the colors of our primary color palette: PMS 7545 Gray, PMS 1205 Yellow, and CYAN.

All of the templates are designed to be very easy to use: the first slide is already pre-loaded, and new slides chosen from the layout menu will include typefaces and colors automatically. All three versions are great for projecting onto screens; however the Gray template is recommended for presentations that will be shared primarily in printed form.

Without further delay, here are the templates for your downloading pleasure:




Business Cards, Letterhead, and Envelopes, oh my!

I’m going to start this visual-identity update with a thank-you to the members of the College community for their enthusiasm about the College’s new visual identity and for their patience as we continue our gradual implementation.

This week, I am excited to announce that the Customized Stationery Online ordering system, or CSO, will launch next Thursday, April 19. Items that will be available include business cards, letterhead, and various envelopes. You can download the Office Depot CSO Price List, and you can find the list under the Resources tab.

All items will be customizable: that is, letterhead and envelopes may display department information, while business cards and memo pads can be customized with personal information. Here is a preview of a sample business card: the type in red represents what can be customized with personal information:

Representatives from Office Depot, Bryn Mawr’s copy and print provider, will be on campus for two training sessions on April 19. The training sessions will be at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in Campus Center 200; anyone who would like to attend one of the training sessions should reserve a space by contacting Jerry Berenson at x5183 or

Please note that the CSO will be accessed through BMC E-Market. Only those with BMC E-Market accounts will be able to customize and order College stationery.

Like everything else in the implementation so far, we can take our stationery ordering slowly, too. We would like everyone on campus to be using the business cards, letterhead, and envelopes that feature the new visual identity by Jan. 1, 2013. For the next eight months or so, please use up remaining stocks.

If you have leftover stock when you are ready to replace your letterhead, you can turn it in to the Communications Office to have it made into scratch-pads. Envelopes and business cards will have to be recycled.

A side note on recycling business cards: discarding a box of 300 business cards may seem like a lot of waste. But 300 business cards is only 30 sheets of letter-sized paper, and since it took over 100 years for this visual identity to be established, I don’t anticipate having to do this again for a very long time.

There will be more updates about the CSO in the coming weeks. For example, we’ll be developing a set of templates for the Graduates Schools for their use. Until then, hope to see you at the training sessions!

Love the College’s new Wordmark? Download it!

At the campuswide town hall meeting on Friday, March 2, Chief Enrollment and Communications Officer Jenny Rickard shared the College’s new wordmark as part of her presentation. You may have seen it before, perhaps on this very blog:

This wordmark is based on a typeface called Carter Sans, which I discussed in an earlier post. But I want to stress that although Carter Sans will play a significant part in the implementation of our visual identity, wordmarks will actually be delivered, distributed, and implemented as pictures. I’d like to show you why.

Take a look at the R’s if I simply type the words Bryn Mawr in all caps, in Carter Sans:

And compare that to the actual Bryn Mawr wordmark from the visual identity system:

As you can see, the Bryn Mawr wordmark is changed ever so slightly, making it a unique image, and it cannot be replicated simply by typing in a font.

In order for our visual-identity system to be effective, it’s important that the use of Carter Sans be selective, deliberate, and rare. Carter Sans will not be installed on campus computers, nor will anyone be expected or required, or even encouraged, to purchase or type in Carter Sans.

On the other hand, we do want our wordmark to appear as often, and as consistently, as possible. But sometimes you don’t need a letterhead (which is available for download); you just need a jpeg that you can put in your Powerpoint slide or in an email.

I’m pleased to offer eight versions of the College’s wordmark available for download for your use. They are in dark gray or black, and either horizontal or stacked. If you need to make the wordmark smaller or larger, please keep the proportions constant: don’t compress it or stretch it. Enjoy and thank you!

To download any of the following image files, click on the preview of the desired mark. A window should appear that displays the larger version of the mark you selected. Right-click on the large image in the new window to save a high-resolution jpeg to your hard drive.

VIP Status Update: Now Appearing on the Website and in the Bookshop

I promised that the implementation of the College’s new visual identity would be a gradual process; that there would be no “flipped switch” that would result in everything everywhere instantaneously be converted to the new look.

In August, pole banners were installed throughout the campus featuring a design that incorporated the wordmark and the primary color palette. In December, electronic letterhead, in the form of a Microsoft Word template, was made available for download on this very blog, and can be found under the Resources tab.

And now there are a few more updates to share!

You may have already noticed that the College’s website displays the new wordmark in the upper left hand corner and the colors have been modified to conform to the new primary and secondary palettes. On the home page, the messages over the large central photos now are set in Carter Sans. Web pages on the College’s site that are in the standard templates have all been converted. But some pages, like the news stories in Bryn Mawr Now, for example, will need a little more time to develop before they can be switched to the new look. We anticipate that conversion in about four weeks.

The second big progress update I’m pleased to announce is that you can now find items in the Bookshop that feature the new wordmark and monogram! Some of the items are t-shirts, polos, coffee mugs and a key chain:

The Bookshop will carry a variety of merchandise available for purchase, and only some of it will make use of the new visual identity system. But new items will be arriving throughout the semester, so you might want to check out what’s new.

And lastly, there are a few projects that are in the works but aren’t quite ready for launch. I am working on PowerPoint templates that eventually will be made available for download through this blog, like the letterhead. I am also working with Office Depot to create an online, self-service, stationery-ordering system. My goal is to have something more substantial to announce in early February about these projects.

The Visual Identity Project Blog will continue to be your source for all of the latest developments around the implementation of the visual identity. You can check back for recent updates, and find permanent links to downloads under the Resources tab.

VIP Status Update: Electronic Letterhead Available!

It’s been a few weeks since Pentagram handed over the style guide for the College’s new visual identity. And I’m happy to report that I have been in meetings and conversations with our customer-service representatives at Follett and Office Depot to bring the new visuals to our daily life.

In the next few weeks, there will be new merchandise in the Bookshop that will feature the new graphics and complement our new color palette. Office Depot and I have set a tentative date in mid-January for the availability of a self-service, customizable,  online ordering system for stationery.

But I am pleased to announce that a template for electronic letterhead in the new visual identity is available right now for download on this blog!

As you can see from the above image, the electronic letterhead includes the new wordmark in the header in the primary color: PMS 7545. The footer features the main address, the switchboard phone number, the URL for the College’s website, and an email address that serves for inquiries.

To use the template, simply download the Microsoft Word .dotx template file.

Download the Microsoft Word Template

The margins, header and footer, are not to be changed in any way. You can type in the main body of the document; I recommend using either Georgia (serif) or Arial (san serif) fonts. When you are ready to save it, use the “Save As” command from the menu. You can save it either as a Word document or a PDF from this command menu.

The electronic letterhead is perfect if you have to send a recommendation letter as an email attachment or if you have to upload a document to a website. The template will remain available under the Resources tab on this blog.

The Visual Identity Project Blog will continue to be your source for all of the latest developments around the implementation of the visual identity. You can check back for recent updates, and find permanent links to downloads under the Resources tab.