Love the College’s new Wordmark? Download it!

At the campuswide town hall meeting on Friday, March 2, Chief Enrollment and Communications Officer Jenny Rickard shared the College’s new wordmark as part of her presentation. You may have seen it before, perhaps on this very blog:

This wordmark is based on a typeface called Carter Sans, which I discussed in an earlier post. But I want to stress that although Carter Sans will play a significant part in the implementation of our visual identity, wordmarks will actually be delivered, distributed, and implemented as pictures. I’d like to show you why.

Take a look at the R’s if I simply type the words Bryn Mawr in all caps, in Carter Sans:

And compare that to the actual Bryn Mawr wordmark from the visual identity system:

As you can see, the Bryn Mawr wordmark is changed ever so slightly, making it a unique image, and it cannot be replicated simply by typing in a font.

In order for our visual-identity system to be effective, it’s important that the use of Carter Sans be selective, deliberate, and rare. Carter Sans will not be installed on campus computers, nor will anyone be expected or required, or even encouraged, to purchase or type in Carter Sans.

On the other hand, we do want our wordmark to appear as often, and as consistently, as possible. But sometimes you don’t need a letterhead (which is available for download); you just need a jpeg that you can put in your Powerpoint slide or in an email.

I’m pleased to offer eight versions of the College’s wordmark available for download for your use. They are in dark gray or black, and either horizontal or stacked. If you need to make the wordmark smaller or larger, please keep the proportions constant: don’t compress it or stretch it. Enjoy and thank you!

To download any of the following image files, click on the preview of the desired mark. A window should appear that displays the larger version of the mark you selected. Right-click on the large image in the new window to save a high-resolution jpeg to your hard drive.

6 thoughts on “Love the College’s new Wordmark? Download it!

  1. Tracy Kellmer Post author

    There are two significant differences between Trajan Pro and Carter Sans, well, significant to typographers and typography enthusiasts. One is that Trajan Pro is categorized as a Serif font because of the details on the ends of the strokes; although Carter Sans has details at the ends of the letters, they’re not traditional serifs, but a more contemporary interpretation. The second is that in Trajan Pro, and other serif fonts, the width of the strokes on the letters vary: in other words, some parts of the letters are much thinner than others, whereas Carter Sans remains “fixed-width” throughout, like a sans-serif font such as Arial. It’s the combination of “almost-serif” and fixed-width that makes Carter Sans so exciting! At least, to typography enthusiasts.

    A little more info on Trajan Pro (from

    The inscription on the base of the Trajan column in Rome is an example of classic Roman letterforms, which reached their peak of refinement in the first century A.D. It is believed that the letters were first written with a brush, then carved into the stone.

    These forms provided the basis for this Adobe Originals typeface (Trajan Pro) designed by Carol Twombly in 1989.

    1. Bryn

      Thanks, Tracy. I love both fonts and was using TPro to simulate Carter sorta Sans while I was waiting for it to be released. Where is the link to the download–I want to send it to our department.

  2. Tracy Kellmer Post author

    To download any of the wordmarks, simply click on the small image in the blog post; this should open another window displaying a larger version of the image. Then right-click (or control-click if you’re on Mac) on the large version of the image to “save the image as.” In the dialog box that comes up you should be able to choose a location, such as your computer’s desktop, to which you can save the jpeg.

  3. Katherine Rowe

    Is there a standard layout for a Department header — i.e., how we integrate the new word mark with “Department of English” info at the top of our letters?

  4. Tracy Kellmer Post author

    In the standard layout for College stationery, department information is located in the footer. Department and personal contact information can also be included as part of the signature of the text of the letter. There is no recommended layout for integrating department information with the College’s wordmark in the header.


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