Are You Ready for Some PowerPoint?

Last week, I was excited to announce the launch of the Office Depot CSO for ordering customizable business cards, letterheads, and envelopes. In previous weeks, I’ve shared jpegs of the College’s wordmark and a Microsoft Word template of the letterhead.

But this week may hold the most thrilling development of them all. I’m talking PowerPoint templates. The templates are available in three different designs, featuring the colors of our primary color palette: PMS 7545 Gray, PMS 1205 Yellow, and CYAN.

All of the templates are designed to be very easy to use: the first slide is already pre-loaded, and new slides chosen from the layout menu will include typefaces and colors automatically. All three versions are great for projecting onto screens; however the Gray template is recommended for presentations that will be shared primarily in printed form.

Without further delay, here are the templates for your downloading pleasure:




One thought on “Are You Ready for Some PowerPoint?

  1. Daniela Holt Voith

    The blue is really overbearing – and both formats take up a lot of screen space for branding. I have had success with a much more subtle technique and smaller logo to allow more room for information and less competition with the message of the slides.
    Also – I personally have shifted to and 11 x 17 format.



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